Ellie's Favourite Walks – #1 Paneri and Surrounds

I will write a blog in this series from time to time – a series about Ellie’s favourite walks – today beginning with our jaunt to Paneri Park and surrounds.

Its a short 3km drive to the car park and then I make Ellie stay on leash for about 100 metres as we enter some grass waste land. I think it is part of an old quarry area long since abandoned.

The grass is long but enough people, dogs and bikes have forged paths and more importantly through regular use maintain the paths throughout. With the summer weather the tracks are dry and beautiful for walking. There were a few puddles and mud today however but nothing impassable.

Ellie always does her obligatory roll and rub on the grass early in our walk. Today a vigorous tumult writhing on the ground.

After the initial track we jump the log

and head along the riverside track for a while.

Ellie runs on ahead then reappears to see where I am.

I am slower of course but really its because she is so pumped out here.

Once she smells the river she comes alive. Her head goes up, eyes sharpen, body is alert. She trots and canters. She is not the sleepy pet who lies on the carpet or snoozes.

After this track there are a couple of little path ways which lead to the river. Today the river was up but Ellie knows her water limits and respects the moment. She paddles and drinks and washes her face!

After some more walking we find the beach and usually have some retrieving with a stick.

Today with the water running a little fast Ellie is not in the zone so we wandered into the grassed area. Ellie loves this area because she thinks she is a wolf.

She spent a lot of time staring down at this hole and wandering around the trees and grass smelling, looking and letting out the occasional whine. It was really interesting to watch as she is so much more at ease out here. A few weeks ago she would always be on the move and in so much hurry to get going. Now she is able to pace herself a little more. I also have learnt that she will explore if I stand still and pause. Maybe it is not her being more at ease at all – maybe its me.

After many minutes rabbit sniffing we headed back towards the car via the old cement works. A large grassed shingle area and some concrete slabs greeted us as Ellie caught sight of a rabbit sprinting to the left. She took off after it as though she was a hunter. The rabbit disappeared into the bush and Ellie crashed in after it.

I loved it – she spent further minutes looking then followed scent to other areas looking for more grey fur. No success but she does bark at something in there!

We do a lap of the park to wind down and then back into the car.

This is one of Ellie’s favourite places and I hope you enjoyed coming on this walk with us!


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