Friday Evening Walk

The tail end of the Wellington storm petered out with a squall which lashed the Esplanade around 6pm tonight. Rain pouring, sun shining, wind howling. A rainbow glistened on the road in front of the car as Ellie and I drove to park for our evening stroll.
It was clear when I took this photo of the river. This view is looking towards the Fitzherbet bridge.

And as usual Ellie was looking magnificent

until she smelt something delicious and proceeded to roll in the grass. It is something altogether curious to me – she will be running along then suddenly stop, sniff around and then dive roll onto the grass and twist and writhe for a minute or so.

We ambled around for an hour, enjoyed a rendevous with a black lab and avoided getting wet which was a real bonus.

The weather is starting to change and autumn is slowly moving in. It is an awesome time of year to be a dog owner!


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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