Teaching – Good Friday Thoughts from Louis

Check out this blog from Louis and this quote comes from the conclusion.

The result is that so many of us profs get student behavior so wrong; they step away from and don’t reflect on or think about or don’t get involved with the world of emotion, social relationships, personal lives, motives, morality, expectations, imagination, faith, and love; they surrender humanity and reality to statistics, charts, diagrams, as well as to distorting assumption and presumption; they drop their guard–if they ever had it up–against treating students as a consistent, constant homogenous group or collage of groups. Consequently, they commit a host of “attribution errors.” That’s why when it comes to “students” and what I call “traditional diversities” we have to find ways to replace mathematics with humanity, break down fences, destroy boxes, cast aside stereotype and generalities, and get beyond labels. After all, to be realistic, teaching is about the unique individual, whom I call “the real diversity.” That in itself makes teaching an art fraught with impromptu, messiness, inconvenience, discomfort, and uncertainty rather than a science directed by neat, structured, and guaranteed predictability.

This is our challenge – to get to know our children and treat them, interact with them as fellow humans trying to make sense of this thing called life! As we move into the era of National Standards we must hold onto the child!


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

One thought on “Teaching – Good Friday Thoughts from Louis”

  1. Tom – your blog is looking great!
    I am back “on the horse” after a fair bit of time away, hopefully will post a bit more frequently in the upcoming term.
    Look forward to catching up later in the year
    Kia Kaha! – Danny

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