Been a bit quiet

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front lately.

It has been one of those times when the blogging just dries up but here is a short post today anyway.

The only reason I blog is for myself and I am considering shutting down The Long Run later this year. It costs about $260 a year for the hosting and the domain – which is not a lot but it is a new pair of Vibram 5 Fingers. They are soon to be available in NZ so will figure out how to get a pair. They look awesome – the only concern I have is if my toes will fit – I have some pretty curled up little toes!!

Have kept the faith with the Manawatu Jets who lost again the other night. I have made every home game and have loved the whole spectacle. Next year I will buy a season ticket. You get to sit real close to the action, see some fantastic sport and get to watch all Nz’s top bballers. Real value. So far however I have not managed to get anyone to come with me – I have asked so many times that now I am considering taking Ellie – do you think they’ll let me take a golden retriever in?

Speaking of Ellie not a day goes by without me being grateful to life for this pet. She has bought something into my life I could never have imagined. It is a deep joy. This dog is just the best. Today we walked for almost two hours down to the river and back. It was a beautiful walk.

We will be getting our puppy in about a month. This will also be interesting. I have no idea what to expect apart from chaos! It will be Louise’s dog so we will see how it all unfolds. Ellie and I might just slip out for a quiet stroll and leave the puppy at home!

Tim’s soccer is underway with 1 win and a loss thus far. Enjoyed today’s game in warm sunshine. Long may it continue.

Have run for an hour or almost an hour for the last few weekends. Feeling pretty good but tired so its off to bed tonight for an early night. Have finally shrugged off my chocolate addiction – may be a bit harsh – but have always had some chocolate in the weekend for years and now onto the third or fourth weekend without. The secret is to eat better and not get so tired then you don’t crave the sweet stuff.

At school we are trucking along very nicely. My vision for St Matthew’s is unfolding as the quality teaching and learning develops. I am thrilled with some of the progress I see in everyone – children, staff and community – as we strive for excellence in everything we do. We have had quite a bit of graffiti this year – we will be more resilient than they. Sport Monday and Art, Music and Te Reo Tuesdays have been a boon. We do our CRT by myself and a teacher aid look after the whole school for an hour and a half a week. Yesterdays session was one of the best we have had – it is busy but it is like teaching again. I get the best of both world’s being a principal!

There you have it – my news and round up!

Blessings and peace to all.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

2 thoughts on “Been a bit quiet”

  1. Hi Tom
    I checked into your blog the other day and saw the awesome picture of the two Minies!!!! What a coincidence!!!!

    I am soo pleased that Ellie is proving such a delight in your life. the new Puppy will too I am sure but your life will not be the same for a while. Picture a 14month old baby that is toddling but as yet has no common sense and is into everything!!! There you have it.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Dogs are great, puppies even better! Just wondering if you’re doing Dunedin marathon again in September? Look forward to catching up with you there if you are.
    Hope you are well anyway J.

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