June Sunday

When it is a winter’s day here in Palmerston North, and it has rained for a fair bit of yesterday the only thing to do is take your puppy outside and play with him.

Puppies can best be described as fluffy balls of inquisitive energy. I was trying to weed some of my winter veges and Mac came to help. He was fossicking around my hands as I pulled a few weeds and then suddenly would sprint off to some other part of the garden as puppies are want to do. His back end seemingly going one way and the front end another.

Later Tim came out and with a string and a sock we had a few minutes of puppy hunting sock.

The ground was soggy and some of the turns Mac did were funny to watch as he struggled for balance as gravity tried to take effect but here he is in full flight.

We were careful to take it easy and not over do things as he is still a very little retriever.

But as you can see with the third photo he was loving every moment of it .

The time will come soon enough when he is able to play longer but that was enough for now so it was time for a towelling to clean him and into his crate for a snooze.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

3 thoughts on “June Sunday”

  1. I don’t often leave a comment….. but I am loving reading about your adventures with first Ellie, and now the wild puppy who is keeping her company!

  2. Mac is doing well – puppies require lots of attention so its nice to have a few days off now to indulge.

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