Eat Real Food

It has taken me a while but I have finally dialed in the Primal Blueprint eating thingy. A year or so ago I began tinkering with my eating and have steadily refined my intake of food so that now I am eating only real food.

I eat meat, vegetables, fruit and a few nuts, healthy oils and some butter and a smidgen of cream at breakfast in my green tea. When I need extra carbs I eat yams, kumara and some potato. I supplement with Vitamin D and  Kordell’s Agewise  Q10.

And that’s it. No wheat or grains of any kind. No pasta or flour items. Very little sugar.

The sugar was the most challenging to give up – for many years I had eaten chocolate most weekends – I always brought a few lollies on a Friday or Saturday evening and ate these. In later years I dropped eating the lollies and stuck to chocolate and have just now completed three months without chocolate. I finally managed to not eat any by eating better during the week and getting better sleep. My theory was that I sought high energy foods because I was tired and these foods do make you feel good. Now I eat well all week and one day is pretty much like the next. I also sleep very well these nights.

I have been working on improving my sleep by taking time to get to bed early every night. I try to have lights out by 9pm most nights and up at 6am in the morning. It is amazing the difference this has made.

It is helpful that I am not really exercising at present. I have throttled back on everything except walking and I am averaging about 6 hours a week or so. This is always with a dog nearby. Today a brilliant winter walk with the family down by a flowing river, swallows diving and trees soughing gently in a cool wind. I am planning to get my exercising up and away again in August with some pilates and weights to supplement the walking. If that goes to plan I may start running again in the spring when daylight saving begins. One side effect of not running is that all my aches and pains have gone. I haven’t felt this good for a few years!Mark Sisson's Primal Food Pyramid

This page is a great intro to this should you wish to explore it.


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I am Tom.

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