The Kobo

Whitcoull’s has been selling its e-books for a while now.

I brought one book – it was half the price of the paper copy which I brought a week later. The download was simple and straightforward. There is a surprisingly large range of books available for sale. So all good and easy on that front.

I do not have the reader they are selling and I tried to read the book on my computer – overall I would not recommend reading books on your computer – not very comfortable at all. There is an arrow to click on to get to the next page – it is tiny and a little tedious having to click it time after time. The keyboard arrows would not work and is the main reason why I went and brought the book a week later. It was also difficult to leaf through the pages, smell the book and feel it.

I will pop into Whitcoulls this week for a look at the Kobo e-reader and hopefully be able to try one.

The pleasure of reading a book is connected to the relaxed and comfortable way of reading – having a laptop on your knee or sitting at a table satring at one is not the way I am used to reading.

An e reader  like the  Kobo/Kindle may be the way to go – a laptop is not!


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