The Year Of The Dog

It was a year ago that I wrote this blog. And then in January I wrote this one.

I have just re read those blogs. It strikes me as a huge transformation in my life. From being afraid of dogs to owning one and then later in the year adding a pup into the mix as well. Quite major stuff.

I have to thank my wife for coming with me on this one. I am much richer with these dogs in my life – they are simply stunning. You can not be down with a golden retriever around. They lick and nudge you, wag their tails and look at you lovingly. They are full of joy. And Louise you are OK too!

I also would like to thank Yvonne from Keridale Golden Retrievers. Yvonne has been so gererous with advice and support since we have had Ellie and  she has provided us with the creamy bundle who is Mac – a very special addition to our family.

So now a year on from the first thoughts of dog ownership to owning two goldens. What is different?

Having a dog around always gives you something positive to think about. I come home from school having dealt with Child Youth and Family, The Ministry, The Catholic Education Office, Appraisals, etc etc – you get the picture. And upon arriving at home all of that is swiftly forgotten as a few tail wags and wet nosing licks welcome a tired teacher. It is impossible to hang onto the bad stuff with a golden around.

Having a dog around always gives you something to do – feeding, walking, training, bathing, grooming, playing with, patting, watching – just being with. Our dogs love to snooze at our feet while on the computer. Mac is sleeping at Louise’s feet right now reminding me to take it easy!  They really know how to switch on and off!

Having a dog around is a reminder that life is now and now is all there is.

What prompted this blog – well today we visited the National Dog Show again being held at Manfeild. A year ago I went by myself and this year two of my family came with me!

This picture is of some of the Golden Retrievers being judged.

So what will it be next year. Get ourselves another dog – no. Two is plenty. It will be lots of summer walks by the river, teaching Mac how to fetch and snoozing.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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