Mammy Blue

Spent a fun hour today spinning some of the old 45s on the turntable. Just a blast playing some of the old family records we had purchased back in the day. And without further ado I begin another series of Lyric Tuesdays – and dedicate this post to Norman who is strongly questing for 100 marathons.

Now the records for this series of blogs will all come from the shoebox of 45s which are currently sitting on my table. This first one is one of the earlier songs I remember listening to – Mammy Blue by James Darren.

My online research found a NZ Listener chart listing at 20 in December 1971. Interestingly enough the song does not appear to have been released as a single in the USA. Wikipedia has this to say about the song. And the lyrics are here.

And it was a challenge finding a video. And this one will have to do although not the version I have listened to today.

I think I was attracted to the chorus – the Oh Mammy, oh mammy mammy blue, mammy blue – section. The lyrical content was a surprise to me tonight as I researched this post – so I can safely write that it was the musical hooks that caused me to like this song. I can remember playing it many times over the years.

Anyway – I hope you enjoy this one and I’ll get another done in a week or so.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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