I’ve Had a Fantastic Week

Sometimes life throws you some curve balls which you just can’t seem to connect with no matter how you try.

This week they were coming straight down the slot – and I hit them to the fence! What a fantastic week! Just love being alive – must be the spring energy.

To cap it all off we took Ellie and Mac for a stroll down to Panieri Park this morning. They were in fine form running, ducking and diving, sprinting, trotting and inquiring.

Unusually today they disappeared towards the river and emerged on the track some 100 metres or so behind us. Mac’s tongue was hanging out after that one! He is slowly learning to move at a gentler pace as the puppy slowly changes into a youth. Together they look great and have so much fun.

Ellie – as I write – is asleep on the floor while Mac is in his crate catching some rest. What a great model for living!



Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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