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Take a read of some of these and visit the Louise Hay site.

In other news…

one of the best things I ever did was start using a push mower. Had it serviced and re set recently and wow it is just amazing. I even found a catcher and now the lawns look as good as any. It is about the same as pushing a motor mower but is far quieter and safer. No stones or hard matter flying out and little liklihood of injuring from the blades.

have been playing in a masters summer hockey league. Put my name down for a team and am now playing in the halves for the “Leftovers”. We are 4 and 0 – and for three of the games we have had no goalie. Last night we played a very good team who butchered about 4 goals in the first half before we managed to come back from 0-1 down late in the second half. My body was a bit sore today from a collision, a trip and being hit by a flying stick. Interestingly I am noticing that I am loving the playing, am still quite quick and that the play slows quite dramatically in the latter stages of the second half. Last night there was a huge gap (in their team) between their forwards and backs. I am pleasantly surprised in my fitness which is pretty good considering I am not running at the moment. My fitness comes from walking and the gym.

do you remember Just A Minute – the wonderful radio show from the BBC. Nicholas Parsons is wonderful and extremely witty himself not to mention the comediens who appear with him. Listen here: Just A Minute

Readability is a nice tool to allow you to read the web without the adds or extra visual pollution some pages love to throw at you.

At the time of writing the Pike River Mine story is unfolding. The TV repeats itself ad nauseum and end up saying much about nothing – there is so much effort to create the drama with extraneous information and visuals that you find yourself wanting to turn it off. Tonight for example there were pictures from Reefton trying to show the quiet and distressed town where several of the miners and contractors live. It would have been a surprise to several of the residents I’m sure when they saw thmeselves on the news. I think the job of the news service is to inform us of the events facts and leave it at that.



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