The Stick Robber

A magnificent late spring morning beckoned me to take the dogs for a swim – nourished from breakfast we Honda-ed the 2.5kms to Panieri Park and enjoyed the brief stroll straight ahead for the Manawatu River.

It was so warm I was wading in the shallows myself as the two amigos ran and swam. Today Mac was very interested in the retrieving and was attempting to cash in on the fact after the hard work was done. Ellie would run, swim and return to shore then the stick robber would strike – often successfully wrenching the stick from her mouth and complete the retrieve.

Ellie didn’t seem to mind – she was happy to go again and again and again. And so she did. Mac loved the shallows but did not swim out of his depth like he did the other day. When he was tired from robbing he went visiting some other canine friends who we were sharing the river with, or was content to smell the river bank for enticing aromas.

When we came home it was time for a bath for Ellie – really helps her stop ithcing so much and Mac loves the hose!

And yes the lawn does need a mow!


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

One thought on “The Stick Robber”

  1. Looks like a fun morning. I have spent the morning re-organising my lounge, and am now about to go hit the Lido for a swim. The lawns here have been growing apace as well, but they can wait until it is cooler…. It certainly is a lovely warm day!

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