I know that

NZ broadband is not mind altering fast – but what about when your teenagers burn through your monthly 40GB data cap with two weeks left to run until the new month commences?  Ouch!

Being reduced to dial up speeds is simply a tedium and makes the act of surfing rather unenjoyable.

So you two – sort it out – NO more torrents or Limewire etc. Period.

The upside is you really limit your time online to what you need – nothing gratuitous – and then you do something else.

Only a few more days to go as our new month starts … on December 25th – Happy Christmas indeed.

Still with the online theme I am pleased to note that Bloglines has been resurrected. Tried Google Reader but oh – rather an ugly experience to use. Bloglines – the new and improved Bloglines – is a pleasure to behold and apart from a few migration issues is up and running (albeit slowly with the aforementioned limitations.)



Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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