Ellie – 1 year on

It was a year ago that we first saw Ellie on Yvonne’s site and then a few days later welcomed her into the family.

It has been the best year with her and I am very grateful to Yvonne for allowing Ellie to come to Church St. If you had told me or even suggested that I would become a dog fan I would have doubted you very much – instead today as I sit here my heart is glad because I know this dog and something within that dog helps me connect with life in a deep, rich and joyful way.

Today we have just returned from the Manawatu River where she swam and swam and swam. All eight of our arms were in action throwing sticks for her and she was insatiable – just like the Energiser bunny and Berger paints all rolled into one – keeps on keeping on!

And then time for a Melaseb shampoo experience. Ellie looks a little forlorn in these pictures – she has that resigned look of doom – like watching the Black Caps playing again – however the outcome is great when she gets her towel dry and she has a week of being less itchy and scratchy.

Oh and don’t worry about Mac – he is doing splendidly. When Ellie retrieves he will rob her of the stick and then proudly bring it as though he had done all the hard work. Mac is starting to swim and each time is becoming more and more confident.

He is lucky to have such a good friend in Ellie just as I am.


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I am Tom.

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