Back To School

Being a school principal is a great job. Today I started the 2011 school year and spent a delightful day doing many and various tasks. It was lovely to have several staff members back on deck also and the enthusiasm and banter was welcome. So far only one lot of tagging so I’ll paint this out tomorrow. This is far less than we suffered last holidays. The difference – we locked some gates this year!

St Matthew’s is a grand little school staffed by caring adults. We treat each other well and mostly have an absolute blast.

Our roll like many others has declined in recent years. It is a sign of several things. One is rural de population – all the schools in our area have fewer children than 20 years ago. Another is the decline in Church membership. There just are not the Catholic families and children presenting for enrolment.

Last year in our region there were 55 children turning 5. How many of those were Catholic I do not know.  We enrolled 5 of them.  With 4 year 8 children and about 5 others leaving we have had a net loss.

Maybe there is an increase of 5 year olds coming – maybe not – but perhaps no amount of thinking or talking about  this actually matters.

My resolve is to work hard, have lots of fun, do my very best for these children and their families and keep learning.


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I am Tom.

One thought on “Back To School”

  1. It’s a real worry all right! You are not alone either- I know lots of our schools face this problem. It will be interesting to see what it might look like in 10 years time – will there still be the number of schools, or will the criteria change for enrolment? Look forward to catching up at some stage

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