Cicadas Sing

Do you like the sound of the cicada?

Yesterday we took Ellie and Mac for a jaunt along the banks of the Turitea Stream in Bledisloe Park. They loved it and…

I’ll pause here because Ellie has come for a pat. Just grab a quick Skitch of her, upload and link. OK done – Yes blogging to you from outside the house on a warm Feb Sunday morning.

…as we returned from a swim and stroll we crossed the second to last bridge before the carpark and were enveloped in a chorus of cicadas – in the natural cathedral theatre of trees, bush and bank.

I can hear several now as I blog to you from the garden.

It is a loud sound but pleasantly loud and ebbs and flows.

I love it.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

2 thoughts on “Cicadas Sing”

  1. Yes, when I walked in the Gorge the other day it was like that. All of a sudden at one place in the bush the cicadas were suddenly incredibly loud! And like you, I can hear a few around the house this morning. Happy Summer!

  2. Thanks Kiwi,
    Had a game of hockey this afternoon at the twin turfs. Could hear the cicadas there too as well as smelling a barbecue smell wafting across the feild – at tea time too.

    Yes – Happy summer!

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