Have really reduced the amount of time I spend online and as a consequence my blogging has slowed. Cleared my Bloglines account of my Paleo type blogs. Now I visit one and scan his blogroll – maybe read a couple here and there.

The world has changed for many people over the last few weeks – first there was Christchurch and now Japan. The middle east continues to change at pace while the world’s financial markets  stagger along.

As the Japan story continues to unfold the pictures of the devastation are surreal – like a bad action movie. I cannot begin to imagine what it has been like for those living through such events. One thought I had was – they will not be sweating over the small stuff. (or maybe they are!)

What I mean is that the trivial things which annoy or upset will be forgotten as each person tries to survive and care for those around them.

The other aspect of these stories is that the world as a village is no longer a concept – it is real. The response of countries to help out and support others is simply brilliant. The Japanese rushed here and now we are rushing to try and help over there. Watching the stories live on TV and on the internet as they happen.

I have felt quite affected by all of it. There is little one can do to help apart from pray, send kind thoughts and donate.I am very thankful for our dogs at this time. They don’t know about these events. They simply love you no matter what you are feeling or thinking.

I came across this  ‘fly the plane that is on the runway’  concept.  Simply wake up and live each day as best I can. Sometimes my plane is soaring, other times it is not cleared for take off. A few in flight dramas but mostly managing to get high above the clouds and enjoy the journey.

I hope your flight is going well through these interesting times.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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