How lovely to be enjoying the autumn with two weeks of school holidays. Even more special – we have taken delivery of our very own iPad2. It is a fine machine and using it is an absolute pleasure.

Quite a different experience from the macbook pro. As you interact with it more via the touch screen – when you head back to a keyboard and mouse they almost feels unnatural. Using your hand to tap, swish and drag just makes sense.

After unpacking we started to use it and I admit I was really impressed with the screen and the clarity. It is stunning. There is a little to learn but the manual is pretty good and so after a few days we are committed iPad users. This first one belongs to my wife who graciously lets us use it and I have plans to get myself one by the end of the year. My 2003 iPod is starting to get a little tired so instead of buying a new iPod I’ll get an iPad2.

One of the apps we have bought is a set of iPad tips. Not earth shattering stuff but some good knowledge to gain. There are 101 tips and here is number 74. If you are a newbie iPad operator as we were then this is a quick way to gain some skills about using your new toy. And yes we used the feature described to take a screen capture of the page.

I am on the look out for an app that I can use instead of a diary. The ones I have looked at so far are all rather complicated. One of the key things I want is a week to view and then able to add notes etc easily. Most I have seen take too many inputs to get there. Paper and pen simple is what we want but going digital means it is easy to mash up, transfer, share, store etc. Any suggestions?


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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