Early Rising, Federer Wins, A long Walk

Isn’t it ironical that on your day off you are motivated to rise early?

The day ahead of your own making – no commitments, diaried items, meetings or deadlines –  and in this case three days including a day to celebrate Liz’s birthday so the waking process is easy –  I was alert and bounced out of bed easily.

Mac barked me awake at 6.15am – I let Mac and Ellie out to toilet and then remembered that Federer and Djokovic were playing their semi final at the French open. It took a few minutes to find a quality feed and then I enjoyed the third and fourth sets as Federer prevailed.

Ellie disgraced herself with a small vomit and surprisingly leaving a number two by the back door !! All this was cleaned up and still enough time to catch the fourth set tie break.

Scrambled eggs, berries and some cocoa powder for breakfast chased down with some green tea was the morning’s nourishment then out the door with my two friends Ellie and Mac. It has been a while since I blogged a walk so this morning I took the camera with me.

We live in a great part of Palmerston North with the river only 15 minutes walk away with many opportunities for walking two golden retrievers.

 There is a lovely wide grass and tree area called Waitoetoe Park. Here is Mac running towards me in typical fashion with tongue out and ears flapping Dumbo-like as he tries to take flight. Like any typical one year old puppy it is all done at 100 miles and hour.

The grass was dry and the temperature was warming up so it made for a wonderful start to the day.

Ellie started to head off towards the river but that was not on today’s agenda. We turned to the right and through a small treed area with a stop bank to play on. This photo came out blurred but I really like it. I take plenty of photos and sometimes get one that is any good. Mac wears a constant smile when we are out rambling, tail wagging and so happy to be running free.

 I got them to sit still for me for a minute and pose for a photo. This was the best of four but Mac was not looking at me – he was looking at Ellie! At least she was looking at the camera. Don’t they both look so happy?

 We left Waitoetoe Park and crossed Panieri park.

Back on leash for a while  as we headed towards Rangitane park. This is a soccer playing field but I am careful to keep these two off the playing surface and we wandered along the stream. Mac and Ellie finally got wet as they love to do and you can see a wet Ellie with an even more wet Mac in the background.

 Next stop is the Mangone stream and here is Mac leaping up the bank after dipping himself in the water.

It is a neat little stream for a swim and both dogs dipped in and bathed.

It was time to head home and we leashed up, walked towards Pioneer Highway, under the bridge and then along the shared path back to civilisation. (Click on any of the pictures for a larger version)

We met several people on our walk – all with a cherry smile or brief conversation. People love Golden Retrievers and on most walks someone tells you how beautiful your dogs are or you see people smiling at them!

AsI write this they are both resting on the floor – sleeping to be precise – very content and happy. The morning still has an hour to run and as I finish this its time for some house work. Oh well – such is life!


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