Foxton Beach in June

The weather has been very wet for the last 7 days so as there was a dry day in the offing we packed up the dogs into the Honda and drove the 40kms to Foxton Beach.

Although gray and coolish a very pleasant day for a walk. I was not going to be throwing any sticks however – it remained to be seen how Ellie would be without some retrieving action.

We walked along the beach towards the Manawatu River mouth noticing plenty of driftwood debris. There was some kite flying and training going on. I had never seen how large some of those chutes are and believe that the big one we all looked up at today would enable me to fly. No need for a jet pack – I’d be off!
Mac was first into the river when we rounded the headland and saw the expanse of the Manawatu loping off in the distance. He loves to swim although not wired like Ellie for retrieving. She had done remarkably well today and had not barked or demanded retrieving throws into the surf. I put it down to the fact that I did not venture seawards but stayed above or near the high watermark.

Here she is looking very happy and joyful. In fact she smiled the whole walk and even treated us to her little sand dance when released from the leash. Ellie loves the beach. And she did not bark demanding a stick throw. Good dog!

Mac is just over one year old and he runs everywhere. In this pic he is enjoying a brief foray into the sand dunes as we headed back towards the car.

Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints…

A wonderful outing.

Here is a screen capture – the circle denotes where we walked to.


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