I blogged recently that there was not much difference between winning and losing. This weekend it proved true with our Third Division Hockey team competing in the competition final.

We were scheduled to play another team from our club – High School Hockey Club – but not just an ordinary team. It was a masters team which has a core of players who have played year in year out for 23 years!

We have played them 3 times this season – a thumping 6-1 win pre season, then two regular season games – a 2-1 win and a 5-4 win just a couple of weeks later. Our team was top qualifier but the masters team had scored more goals and conceded fewer goals.

Me – it was on the sideline again – but hey – that is the way it goes – I warmed up and gave the leg a couple of good sprints and declared myself fit – just need a few matches to get back into the groove. Better to work on getting fit than being a liability on the field.

The game began with our team going a goal up and controlling our possession very well. The masters team struck twice to take the lead and we were 1 down at half time. And then the reasons why I like this team became apparent. THe talk is positive, things to do, effort to put in, a laugh or two and no whinging! I was just wanting to get out onto the field – much better to play than watch.

We scored in the second half and it was 2-2 but they replied soon after to go ahead and we had about 20 minutes to reply. Try as the boys might the masters team defended well saving on the line, avoiding a possible stroke (in my eyes at least) and then breaking out to cause some constenation in this spectator’s mind.

And then the unbelievable – a magic piece of brilliance by our centre half for a goal and a draw – with ten seconds left on the clock!!

As it turned out this was crucial momentum gained by our team – The Postmen – and into strokes we went. We went 1 up as they missed their first, our second was in and then our keeper saved, 2-1, we score again and they are denied once more by our keeper – 3-1 and that was that! Victory and a championship.

Not much separating the teams and it was our day. I have loved this season – we lost one game – and that was a first for me – and just fun to turn up, play hockey and play amongst a group of skilled players.

Below are a couple of pictures from a regular season game. We are in Red!


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