Camp Raukawa

So we are on holiday again! The term sped by and we aimed at week 9 Camp as the end point. Camp was brilliant. I always forget just how successful a camp really is.

Parents, children, staff all interacting for a few days and 99% of the time it is simply a blast. You live in the moment – nothing else matters – no media, worries or stresses. Simply live – any challenges re behaviour or managing issues are solved quickly and then it is on to the next activity. Climbing, abseiling, high ropes traversing, flying kiwi, archery, flying fox, orienteering, obstacle course, kayaking, just playing, camp fire, eeling, playing spotlight – and of course watersliding.

Here are a couple of camp pictures –

There is someone under here – Angus – one of our senior class boys has burrowed under the water and created a big brown wave.

And how is this for another Year 5 student – Te Paea – walking along the high ropes course. And if we were able to follow the rope down to the ground you would find me on the end of the rope doing the belay thing.These children perhaps do not realise the fantastic opportunity they have experienced – being offered the chance to tackle such activities at a young age. The first time I have had an opportunity to do things like this was when I started taking children to camp as a teacher. Not once during my schooling or teacher training career did such an opportunity present itself.

Now I know that once you have done this type of activity and are able to reflect on it, it does enhance your self confidence. It does build resilience and an awareness of what to do when in a tough situation – learning is what we do when we don’t know what to do! Oh and it is quite a buzz climbing high, looking down and completing the activity.

Watching the kids do the activities is quite inspiring. Many of them just step up and do it. Some have a slower path to achievement, a few try and then achieve and a few try but are not able to complete. No one ‘fails’ as all are learning about themselves.

At St Matthew’s we will now introduce a yearly camp – a full week for seniors and 2 nights for the rest. I am convinced of the value of this endeavour and want to make it a permanent part of our education plans.


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