Beach Walk Again




Took advantage of the first day of daylight saving and the beginning of two weeks school holidays to venture down to Foxton Beach for a walk with Ellie and Mac.Eliie happily poses early on in the walk. Dogs do smile!


And all Mac does is run, run, run. He is starting to pace himself a little but lately has started running up to me very fast and almost colliding. Sometimes he judges it really well and sometimes he is a little close! It doesn’t hurt but he needs to ease up on me a little.

We play fetch in the Tasman Sea. Ellie and Mac love the water – I can’t throw the stick out very far but they don’t seem to mind. Mac is wary of the waves and jumps away from them. It is so funny. The sea was cool too – too cool for me.

And what a good dog sitting so nicely for a photo. And a smile too.






Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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