An autumn walk

It was a glorious weekend so what better to do than head for the beach and take Ellie and Mac for a walk.

A brief car ride later we found ourselves in this dune land. We are looking back in the photo below – back through the centre of this photo we had walked. I say walked but it was more of a bush bash of sorts. Mac is off ahead and Ellie is with me. Each of us taking turns at making a track for the other.



20140330-195202.jpgIt was warm and we were all working hard. After a period of scratched legs and stepping in holes we made some sand.



And after that the Tasman Sea greeted us with a far away smile.


Mac drinks the sea water. He is so thirsty or else he just likes it. Either way it sometimes makes him sick and so it was today. If someone has some advice about dogs drinking sea water please let me know.



On our way back to the car and a drink we pass by these lovely flowers. Another special day at the beach.


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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