2017 Summer Holidays


If you are a keen fitbit user you’ll know how strange it feels to be without your fitbit for a few days.

That is what I am experiencing currently – as you can see from the above photo – when my fitbit’s strap parted ways with itself one night as I slept.

After a brief search on the internet I discovered that many people had experienced the same problem of strap malfunction but had contacted fitbit and received a replacement. I promptly wrote an email to fitbit and received a reply a couple of hours later and after submitting a photograph and case number I was advised that fitbit would replace my tangerine surge for free even though the year’s warranty had expired.

What a bonus – an absolute bonus. I was going to explore strap repair or failing that save up for  new device.

You see – I find the fitbit to be a valuable companion in my daily activities. I’ll blog about that soon!





Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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