Waitarere Beach

Took a Sunday drive down to Waitarere beach today. We talked about times past when our parents took us on a Sunday drive back in the day – but today we had no kids to placate and entertain – we only had the dogs!

And Ellie did love the beach. It had been quite a while since we had taken her to the beach – months in fact – so it was delightful to see her do her happy dance when she went off leash near the surf.DSC_0416.JPG

Mac loves the sea so much he wants to taste it! Often he’ll drink so much that he will make himself sick although not today – he only sampled a little as Ellie can’t walk too far without fatiguing so we only spent 25 minutes on the sand. But look at that smile – he simply loves it!


Later in the evening after were had returned home we heard Mac bark outside the fence – we had left a gate open. He had a great day alright but who knows where he had been for his late afternoon stroll?


Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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