No One Reads These

My stats show that few if any people ever stumble upon these posts.

I am not worried – I am trying to re-kindle a habit of posting several times a week on topics that I enjoy.

Am currently listening to Falling Upwards by Richard Rohr.

Around the 3 hour mark he says

The gospel was able to accept that life is tragic but then graciously added that we can survive and will even grow  from this tragedy.This is the great turnaround. It all depends on whether we are willing to see down as up or as Jung put it – that where you stumble and fall there you find pure gold. Lady Julian put it even more poetically – First there is the fall and then we recover from the fall. Both are the mercy of God.

This is life!



Having read Seth’s Poke the Box I mentioned the word initiative to the class today.

Even the kids with the widest vocabularies did not know what it meant!

Here is an online meaning:

  1. the ability to assess and initiate things independently.
    “use your initiative, imagination, and common sense”
    synonyms: enterprise, inventiveness, resourcefulness, capability;

    And another from a good old book dictionary: the first step or action of a matter; commencing move, the ability or attitude required to begin or initiate something

    What did you initiate today?DSC_0665

Poke The Box

Have just read Seth Godin’s ‘Poke the Box‘ book.

Written in short readable sections Seth’s points are well made and provoking.

My takeaways:

It is easy to plan and say but the rewards are in ‘shipping’ and doing.

Don’t be defeated by failure – learn and have another go – gain wisdom.

Don’t be afraid –

Be your own best friend – practice self compassion and self care.


Experience – real – not virtual – experience life – create action – do stuff.

As a teacher I need to encourage the children / community to start stuff. Right now they are keen on fundraising for the needy and also a new basketball goal!

Find the book and many more from Seth in your library, book store or online.



What a lovely Autumn day to take a walk to the Esplanade here in Palmerston North. Mac was on the look out for cats so kept pulling and walking ahead while on the streets. Once we gained the Esplanade he relaxed and enjoyed the bush environs, smells and sights.

Until we came across two rabbits lolling about. They were in no hurry to escape as we came upon them but Mac took a run and almost pulled my wrist off my arm. He barked and looked at me as if to say I should let him off leash. Sorry Mac – not in the Esplanade!

We finished off with a swim along the Dittmer Drive stretch of the Manawatu River where we came across some yappy small dogs. They are not fun.


Had a lovely visit today from a thrush. It tracked me in the garden scratching and prodding in the earth where I had been. I even tossed it a couple of snails which it takes to concrete or bricks and then proceeds to flick its head and wallop the shell until it breaks.