This blog from Louis today.

Then, I answered him in less poetic terms that nothing steadies my mind, heart, and soul as steady, unconditional love.  There’s no multi-tasking with it because it demands that I give each student my fullest attention; it focuses me; it makes me listen and see intently; That attention makes visible what I might never have seen.  No one is perfect, I told him.  I’m not fooled by imperfection.  I don’t allow myself to be fooled by mistakes the students have made into believing they are lesser than they are; I am not fooled by the dark images they have of themselves.  I see their beauty when they feel ugly; I know they can be whole when they are broken; I know they are innocent when they feel guilty; I see their purpose when they are confused; I see their potential when they feel all is lost.  When I love each student, where’s the limit to my faith, hope, perseverance, and endurance? It’s like I’ve discovered the way to defeat cynicism, frustration, and resignation. What situation or person, then, can I not face and face down, when I replace laboriousness and pointless with labor of love and purpose?

He is a wise old man.

Author: nzkoobi

I am Tom.

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